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So, what should you do in case you just want to have sex with a cute female or share the bedroom with a couple? You surely can’t just show off your true intentions to all your female mates with the hope that someone will share your views. But, fortunately, there is one great option to solve all these issues in one click and this is AdultFriendFinder service. 

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AdultFriendFinder review: the newest feedback on using the service

Almost all people like to be naughty from time to time. However, searching for an excellent partner for hot nights might be often challenging, especially for men. The truth is that most girls prefer long-term dating with romance, flowers, and all these boring stuff. Still, lots of guys would like to have a hottie for a one-night stand rather than spend days and weeks to win the heart of a chosen girl. Moreover, there are tons of people who love sexual experiments and would like to try something new to boost their sexual life. 

So, what should you do in case you just want to have sex with a cute female or share the bedroom with a couple? You surely can’t just show off your true intentions to all your female mates with the hope that someone will share your views. But, fortunately, there is one great option to solve all these issues in one click and this is AdultFriendFinder service. 

In this post, we’ve prepared the most detailed review on one of the world-known platforms for finding sexual partners. You will discover new facts about the service, learn how to use it effectively, and find some easy prompts for picking up a cutie online. Our AdultFriendFinder review will help you to find a crush for a hot and unforgettable night in no time. 

AdultFriendFinder: friends with benefits and much more

The service is known to be one of the biggest global platforms that allow picking up a hot person or a couple, enjoy cybersex, read intimate stories, join hot communities, and discover lots of new things about sex. In other words, you can easily find here anything you can imagine about sex and hot girls. 

The website will not meet the expectations of those users, who would like to find platonic love or a long-term partner for dating and marriage. It is not the best service for searching for friends, too. Being a paradise for those guys and ladies, who just love having sex with different people in a different way, the platform offers everything needed for having an outstanding night. 

The service is really big. No, it’s just huge. More than 25 million users actively use the service each month. In comparison, most classical dating services attract only about 1 million users for the same period. Sounds promising, yeah? Another awesome benefit of the service is that the majority of its users are from the USA and other countries of North America. Therefore, most western guys and ladies are having a huge pool of partners for hot nights. By the way, according to the recent AdultFriendFinder review, the website hits the top 50 of the most popular dating-related services in the United States. 

As for the male to female ratio, there are no exact numbers of guys and ladies using the platform. However, the platform is likely to have a higher number of guys than girls. The service also has numerous accounts of couples looking for males, females, and other couples to diversify their sexual life. Generally, the service has millions of different users, so each member can easily find a perfect match for his or her requirements. 

AdultFriendFinder review: the process of registration

The platform has another outstanding benefit. Its registration process usually lasts no longer than 30 seconds! You can even start using the service without filling out your profile or uploading a current photo. However, if you would like to boost your chances to find a partner online, it is better to provide at least basic information about your preferences, as well as post your picture. In case you are looking for something special or would like to try any unusual sex experiments, it is also better to point out this data in your personal profile. This way, you will be able to find your new crush much easier. Other people looking for similar things will be also able to find you in a few clicks. 

After successful registration, you will see a list of hot and dirty questions you will need to answer. You will be also offered to range your experience and preferences from 1 to 10. This measure is not obligatory but it can significantly boost your profile performance on the website. The more detailed information you provide, the higher the chances to pick up a new crush online. If you want to know more about the questions offered by the platform, you will be asked about french kisses, foreplay, masturbation, contraceptives, group sex, and other particular features. 

When creating an account at this popular hook-up service, you will be also asked about your personal parameters. These are standard questions about your hair of eyes and hair, height and weight, as well as some specific information about your cup size (for girls) and dick size (for men). You might skip these questions or fill out the information to attract more users to your profile. 

By the way, you will not be asked about your relationship goals, marriage plans, or dating preferences. AdultFriendFinder is a platform for those who love sex, but not for those who would like to search for a life-long partner. Therefore, don’t expect to have long chats or lots of boring audio or video calls before meeting in real life. Many users just need a couple of minutes to decide whether you match each other or not. 

Whom can you find at AdultFriendFinder?

You can find a person or a couple for hot sex with the help of the service. Moreover, you can easily choose people you are interested in, interact with the chosen users, and discover tons of semi-naked and naked pictures available on the platform. 

When we were working on AdultFriendFinder review, we’ve suddenly noticed that the service has lots of common features with PornHub. The truth is the service has tons of porn-related media files from hundreds of different users. Furthermore, you have a unique opportunity to interact with those people! Many users post various photos and videos and are open to communication and casual dating. This is the main reason why the platform is so miraculously popular among the masses. 

Most people on the site are friendly and respond to your messages pretty quickly. However, there are still some odd persons, who might be too pushy, aggressive or ask you about unusual things. However, you can easily choose who you would like to communicate with and add the desirable users to your favorites list. Most people on AdultFriendFinder don’t need to chat with you for ages or investigate your hobbies and career perspectives. They just need to have sex, the same as you do. Therefore, you can arrange a date immediately or plan a hot day off with a hottie you found on the service. 

It is also worth mentioning that there are always tons of users online anytime day and night. Someone or working regular hours, while someone is working night shifts. This is surely great since you can find a crush for your sexual needs anytime round the clock. You can find lots of success stories about the service right on the website. Want to become one of those lucky beggars, who found a hot match online? Just start using the service and get your own dating experience with the help of the platform. 

AdultFriendFinder top features

After you’ve successfully registered on the service and have seen lots of naked photos on the website, it’s time to know more about the program’s advanced functionality. You will be surprised by the whopping number of cool features on the service and website usability. 

To put it short, the site is incredibly user-friendly and has a handy main menu located right at the top of your screen. Here you can find lots of functions, switch different parameters, and enjoy extra tools. Everything is available right at your hand, so you won’t need plenty of time to take a look around on the platform. The service is accessible for people of different ages, experiences, and sex preferences. No worries if you have never used any similar service or dating agency before – the program is totally understandable and clear. 

So, what can you do on the popular website? 

  • Make friends with benefits with other users
  • Send emails and messages even without being online friends
  • Flirt online
  • Send virtual presents to the hottest users
  • Play an extremely popular “hot or not?” online game
  • Watch naked photos and videos
  • Create your own sex-related blog and share experience and knowledge with other users
  • Watch live videos of other users
  • Join different adult groups 
  • Chat for any sex-related topics and even ask the advice of dating experts 
  • Take part or judge different sex-related photo contests 
  • Purchase online courses and learn more about oral or anal sex, first sex, meeting females online, and lots of other hot topics 

Of course, using the service for free is great. You can easily communicate with other users and find lots of cool data and media on sex-related topics. However, the platform has much juicier content hidden for users with paid membership. Therefore, if you want to get the maximum from using the service, it is highly recommended to get Gold membership. By the way, many users will just not respond or ignore your messages if you don’t have this membership status.

AdultFriendFinder review: how to get Gold membership?

The service offers a handy system of non-monetary currency, also called points. The higher the number of points you have, the richer the website functionality you can use. To unlock exclusive features, you will need to earn the points with your activity. For example, leaving comments, sharing your photos and videos, creating blog posts, and giving answers to different questions, will bring you a certain number of points. To get more points, you will need to become an active website user, share personal media and experience with other users, and spend hours online.

However, there is a much easier option to get points. If you don’t want to spend so much time earning points, you can easily buy a Gold membership and get the same benefits as other premium users. Not only you get access to the hidden treasures of the website but also boost your profile on the service with the help of Gold membership. You become more visible to other users and obtain an opportunity to get even more from the service. 

If you decide to purchase this special membership, get ready to pay for $20-$40 per month. The longer the subscription you purchase, the lower the price for the feature will appear to be. It is neither very cheap but surely nor expensive that makes the service affordable for a wide range of users. According to AdultFriendFinder review, this feature is surely worth its money.

Who can benefit from AdultFriendFinder?

The service has no taboos or forbidden topics. It is a judgment-free space, where you can open up your hidden secrets and discuss any issue with other users. It is a platform for free spirits, who want to live their sexual life in full, discover something new and just enjoy spending a hot time with other people. With the help of the service, you can easily find a crush regardless of your gender, sexual orientation and preferences. Furthermore, you can entertain with porn photos and videos, as well as read hot stories about sex on the website.

The Verdict

AdultFriendFinder is a unique service that is surely great for men, women, and couples, who are searching for sexual adventures in their local area. It is also great for expanding horizons, learning new sexual techniques, and just having a good time communicating online.

The platform has countless users, who share your values and preferences, as well as loads of information on any sex-related subject. Just try using the platform and you will surely find something special for you personally. 

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